History of Battery G,

2nd Illinois Light Artillery

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Short history of Battery G, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery by Sean Tedrick.

History of the Battery written by one of its own: Samuel J. Churchill.

Book containing the most complete transcription of original battery records available! Click here for more information.

Rosters - Two rosters are provided for your convenience, organized:

Chronology of important Battery G events.

Also Known As - Other names used to designate Battery G.

Ordnance Dept. - What kinds of cannon did Battery G have? What ammunition and other ordnance equipment did they use? Follow the links at the bottom of the Ordnance page to learn more about different kinds of cannon, projectiles, and the artillery service in general.

Biographies of original Battery G members.

Medal of Honor - Find out how Cpl. Samuel J. Churchill earned the Medal of Honor for his actions at the Battle of Nashville. Features include the story in his own words, the original citation for bravery in the wartime records, the letter from the War Department awarding him the Medal of Honor, and his efforts to locate a comrade who left a place of safety and shelter to come to his aid during the battle. Also find a link to the Cpl. Samuel J. Churchill U.S. Army Reserve Center in Lawrence, Kansas and other related sites.

Photo Gallery - Links to images of original battery members and related information. .

Newspapers - Read excerpts from newspapers including letters from the front, recruiting notices, obituaries, and more.

Special Section: Vicksburg. Information related to Battery G at Vicksburg compiled in one area. This information may eventually be incorporated elsewhere on this website.

Final Rest -  The final resting places of some of the soldiers of Battery G.

Flags! Follow this link to see an image of the 2nd Illinois Light Artillery Regimental Guidon from John Schmale's site, and information about the presentation of the battery flag in 1862. Also a link to more Illinios Civil War flags.

Official Records - Read excerpts about Battery G from the massive multi-volume set from the U.S. War Department, War of the Rebellion: The Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies.

Resources & Links: Check out these selected resources for more information about the Civil War, artillery, and related Civil War and reenacting information.

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